Welcome to my portfolio! My name is Oksana and I want to share some of my works with you in the area of graphic design. Being a graphic designer in a marketing sphere is not just about creating pretty things, it's a way of helping your clients succeed, building his or her goals. Depending on client needs, I can always create something above and beyond a pretty picture of their logo. Any print or digital material I create, whether it's a brochure, business card or a website, I make sure to deliver a crisp, easy-to-grasp message. In my opinion, design shouldn't disturb or simly grab attention- it should deliver information, and every single element should be there for a reason. I believe the first contact that is made with the company is vital to the impression it will leave. My goal is to leave my client and his or her customer happy! This is the scale of Business-to-Business' importance to me personally.

Veggie Spectrum Café is a diploma project that incorporates branding elements. Here I emphasized not only the bright colors of the logo that reflect the connotations assotiated with the company name, as well as the interactive wheel menu. To be honest, creating the interactive menu happened to be a great experience... I wanted to develop a unique menu with imbedded interactivity, and it took me a week or so to come up with the concept. The first image shows the process - logo creation and the first drafts; rough scetch of the menu's scheme. I found that implementing the menu in print and in digital form can attract interest and participation from the audience. People can interact with the menu just by rotating the wheel, resulting in unique ingridient combinations and personalized dishes.

Dash of Beauty Laser Esthetics Inc was a freelance project, comprising of logo and a business card. Taking into account client's needs, I incorporated the idea of a light beam, which symbolizes laser treatments used in the beauty industry.
Roar The Web is a web development company. The client needed a logo which shows all the strength and power that a wild animal has. We invisioned the logo in alignment with the modern look of his work. We reached our goal with a contemporary depiction of a roaring grizzly. Moreover, my client's second specialty is geoscience. As such, he wanted to incorporate this identity on the second side of the business card with the main details of his specialization.

Calgary Zoo media project. I worked with a team of dedicated new media volunteers (videographer, programmer, photographer) and our goal was to give credits and name those volunteers who have been working in the zoo for many years. We wanted to make it simple and informative, so our project consisted of an interactive publication with a short video. I was responsible for the graphic design side, creating a brochure together with a structure of the publication.
Yum-Yums, online shop for pet lovers. If a client wants to sell his/her product, this web-site will help to do it in the most time-and-cost effective way. The mock-up shows a color coded structure of the small ecommerce website that classifies animals and products, with easy purchase options on each page. Together with a simple design structure the color scheme is selected in a way that organizes animals by type (and even breed for dogs) streamlining the purchase process.

Alberta Children's Publishing House. Corporate identity for this company speaks for itself. Colors are bright, logo is simple and meaningful. The main element - letter "A" symbolizes an open book. Logo can be easily minimized to fit on a book spine, while preserving its visual clarity.

It's All About Jazz. The project was made for Ukrainian Jazz festival creative competition in 2009. It still reminds me of that crazy-romantic atmosphere of the festival. These two simple but quite meaningful characters can perfectly work on t-shirts keeping that cohesiveness. Woody Flooring is a freelance project comprised of a business card design and a brand identity.

Logo creation for a Sputnik Café. If you want to get back to the 50's, Sputnik café will bring you there...The aesthetics of the early space era are complete with some added "Soviet flavour". Farrybarry is a pretty hipstery café that required the logo to be bright, tasty and rustic. This café has some great coffee and amazing desserts in the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Covers for the book, magazine and inner layouts show how the information can be structured. Front-cover illustrations are used to capture attention and quickly communicate information embedded in the text. Besides my graphic design job I am also into 3D works.

Rale Yard Red Ale. In the spring of 2016 I participated in a label competition for a beer festival in Calgary and won a 2nd place for this design. Great red moustache reflecting roasted mold attracts attention and hopefully makes you want to try this brew.